Create the future of learning.

Wavetable is a new wave education company combining the expertise of DJs, producers, coaches, and educators.

We don’t have to look far to see increasing demand for new ways to see, learn, and do differently.

And yet, most learning solutions remain dull, passive, and disconnected.

Shouldn’t there be a better way?

Why yes, there should.
We’re glad you asked.

Hi, we’re Wavetable.

And, we’re an experiential portal.

That’s right. Experiential portal.
Cue space suits. Helmets. All that jazz.

We’re a group of DJs, designers, strategists and producers that create space for unexpected connections and understandings that lead to transformative engagement, community and shared resonance.

We’re practitioners of the “had to be there,” and the “did you hear about…?”
And, we’d love to create one of those with you.

Here’s how to get started.

Partner with us in the Studio

We help companies, talent and IP owners uniquely leverage their connection to fans, followers, and employees; ignite a new experiential learning program; or reimagine an existing curriculum for an online world.

Wavetable brings together experience building active learning programs for Fortune 500 companies, city governments and cultural institutions with the expertise that comes from delivering thousands of live shows around the world.

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Studio Capabilities


Program Strategy
Audience Research
Go-to Market Strategy


Curriculum Design
Program Design
Talent Training


Curriculum Materials
Audio / Visual Assets
Digital Resources


Program Management

Build something new in our workshop

Maybe you’re ready to monetize your particular genius.
Or, perhaps you know it’s time to build your business to be ready for the next phase.

Maybe you want to engage your clients in new ways.
Is it time to teach what you do? Or, do what you teach?

Whatever you call it, and whatever you want to do, we know at least one thing: the Wavetable workshop is a place for you to develop the skills, networks, and resources you need for what's coming next.

Latest workshop programs

Develop your next project alongside a group of peers, experts, and mentors

Design and facilitation skills for the future of learning

The skills behind designing and delivering interactive and engaging learning - process design; content development; facilitation; public speaking - are enormously valuable in today’s world of work.

But these skills can often feel elusive or out of reach.

In:Session opens up access to our proven models, tools, and resources - no matter your experience level.

A fellowship for media & entertainment founders and creatives

Circulation is designed to help creative professionals build the knowledge, skills and networks they need to develop their ventures, and themselves.

This exclusive online community includes coaching, peer-to-peer support, actionable guidance from industry experts, high-quality learning content, and lifetime membership of a network of creative entrepreneurs.

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"Under the Current" is a long-form podcast that tells the real stories of creative entrepreneurs, and how they deal with the highs, lows, and messy middles that are part of the journey.

Dive in for conversations with globetrotting DJs and design studio owners; restauranteurs and writers; magazine publishers and makeup artists.

About us

“Empirically speaking, we are made of star stuff.
Why aren’t we talking more about that?”

― Maggie Nelson, The Argonauts

Wavetable is a new wave education company building a more connected and visceral future of learning

We’re a team of educators, coaches, creatives and producers that have designed and facilitated programs across a variety of formats: from short-form workshops, to long-form accelerator programs; fast-paced design sprints, to full learning & development strategies.

We've worked with leading global brands and creative entrepreneurs, cultural institutions and nonprofit organizations.

Most importantly, we’re a group of people who believe in the emergence of what can be, as if by magic, when we tap into our shared ability to make things come alive.

We've worked with companies such as:

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